1. Dawat University has well-equipped and advanced laboratories for its medical and pharmacy students. The medical devices of these laboratories are used to improve the level of exercises and therapeutic experiences and the work of students of medical and pharmacy colleges.


2. In order to facilitate students' access to the latest information, Dawat University has provided high-speed wireless internet (Wi-Fi) facilities in the university campus. Since science and knowledge are changing and evolving with the passage of time, that is why the university leadership decided to spread the wireless internet signal in the university campus in addition to the existence of internet services in the university library, in order to use the latest information and study materials they need from the Internet. All the repairs of the university are connected to the internet and the professors and students use the facilities..


3. Dawat University has central servers and a comprehensive management system to which all departments of the university are connected and most of the daily work is done through it, where all information is managed and preserved.

4. Dawat University has an advanced computer laboratory with complete materials, and equipped with the Internet.

5. All classes of the university are equipped with modern devices such as LCD and projector, which are at the service of students for practical and theoretical work.

6. One of the other facilities of Dawat University is its library, which is one of the most content-rich libraries at the level of universities and private higher education institutions. The books required by the faculties, according to their departments, are purchased from publishing sources and bookstores and are listed according to the topics and titles and are available to the students for further use. This library is equipped with books, magazines, daily news and other scientific subjects, which is open to students and professors from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

7. The university has appropriate facilities for providing services and research, keeping in mind its goals, and to protect its physical and technological resources, it has services management, information technology and security management. It should be mentioned that the security management has the responsibility of protecting the university environment from any kind of insecurity, harassment of female students, and other undesirable cases.

8. Canteen is one of the requirements of every university so that students can get the things they need during their class hours. For this purpose, two separate canteens for male and female classes and a textbook store and two photocopiers have been considered to provide services in Dawat University, which are open from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM and are at the service of dear students.

9. Dawat University is committed to Islamic values and has prepared two separate Masjid for male and female sections for offering prayers as a religious duty.

10. Common sense is in a healthy body! Islam gives special value and importance to health and health, and therefore Islamic jurisprudence and tradition are full of materials and instructions in this field. On the other hand, there is a close relationship between exercise and health, in such a way that the word "exercise" is usually combined with the word "physical education" and it is said: "Exercise and physical education".

One of the most important factors of the importance of exercise is that it "creates, strengthens and maintains health"; Therefore, Dawat University also considers sports as the best key to the success of young people and has taken practical steps in this field as well. Forming volleyball and cricket teams and holding national competitions are among the sports activities of this university and launching volleyball competitions inside the country with other universities, which luckily the volleyball team of this university has won in most of these competitions.