Scientific and Research Article

NumberTitleAuthorPublished in JournalLinkRemarks
01Documenting and citing poetry in interpreting the meanings of the words of the Qur’an, its standards and rulingsDr. Izharulhaq Aziz2nd Issue  Download
02Investigating the emergence of new terrorism in the framework of the clash of civilizations theoryMr. Abdul Manan Dehzad2nd Issue  Download
03Shari'a rule of political partiesDr. Shir Ali Zarifi2nd Issue  Download
04The nature of international relations in the political theory of IslamDr. Enayatullah Khalil Hadaf2nd Issue  Download
05Leadership styles in managementL. Esmatullah Rahmi2nd Issue  Download
06The most important sources of challenge between India and Pakistan in AfghanistanL. Abulhassan Salehi2nd Issue  Download
07Crime against persons and humanitarian rightsL. Abdul Hamid Rasouli3rd and 4th Issue  Download
08Investigating the effect of parents' literacy level on academic achievementL. Ahmad Fawad Amiri7th Issue  Download
09Examining the judicial immunity of diplomatic officersMr. Shojauddin Behroz7th Issue  Download
10Conceptual and theoretical review of development and modernizationDr. Mohammad Arif Fasihi7th Issue  Download
11Afghanistan's geopolitical role in regional cooperationL. Shir Khan Aryal7th Issue  Download
12Analyzing the effects of comparative fiscal policy instruments on employment in AfghanistanL. Mohammad Bilal Taieb7th Issue  Download
13The role of women in politics from the point of view of IslamMs. Zainab Faqiri7th Issue  Download

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