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Professor Abd Rab al-Rasoul "Sayaf"

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon our master, the Messenger of Allah, his family and companions, and whoever guides him, you will be guided!

Afghanistan is an Islamic country, which has a long history and history in the Islamic religion; This country has gone through many problems and misfortunes in the course of its history.

The zealous nation of Afghanistan has shown a unique resistance against the British invaders and is the first nation that was able to break the black rings of the British and open the way for other captive and trapped countries.

Also, this country has shown fierce resistance against the onslaught of the army of the former Soviet Union, and with its unparalleled heroism in contemporary history, it has recorded a model of courage, masculinity and free living in the history of the Islamic Ummah.

But unfortunately, as a result of various factors and regional conspiracies, she fell into a sea of problems, which challenged her abilities and poured the bitterest cup of poison into her palate.

The restoration of the spiritual structures along with the structure of the material infrastructure is considered a necessary thing, and this task is not possible except through the training of professional, faithful, and sincere cadres who will save the country from these deadly and destructive abysses; In this sense, the establishment and creation of educational centers and universities are considered necessary and necessary to achieve such a goal.

By understanding this responsibility, we, in turn, made efforts to participate in this auspicious path and establish Dawat University.

Through this good action, we ask Allah Almighty to help us continue this path and grant success to the work that is Her love and pleasure.

Professor Abd Rab al-Rasoul "Sayaf"

Professor Abd Rab al-Rasoul Sayaf
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